Take Time to Experience “Slow Living”

 March in the San Joaquin valley is filled with foggy mornings, cold nights, spectacular skyscapes, and determined plants blooming in farms, orchards, vineyards, and gardens.

All this makes me want to find a special spot to ruminate. I really do not want to venture outdoors in the morning and prefer to sit at a window, sip hot tea, and appreciate those brave blossoms. When my tea is finished,  I meander around the warm inn, rearranging soft throws, moving pieces of furniture, plumping pillows,   adjusting lights, and reflecting on what makes each space special. At the same time I find myself thinking about slow-living – being present in each moment, treasuring each moment, not rushing about, and doing things as needs/wants arise; yet, limiting my needs and wants. I determine to discover how that concept applies to our inn and our guests. It is a goal for 2018. Recent guests exemplified slow living to us: A lovely couple “eloped” here recently with a simple ceremony held after they leisurely visited with the minister. No formal clothing, no music, no flowers, no wedding cake, no reception – just the two of them taking this special step in their relationship. Their vows – an affirmation of their long, adventurous partnership. Next morning, they enjoyed a late and very leisurely breakfast, with conversation flowing. Parting words: “This is what we needed and more than we expected. We treasure this.

An awareness of slow-living, of being in the moment,  of doing one thing at a time, of being aware of our surroundings, of tuning in to those people who mean the most to us, is what the soul needs.  

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