The Inn At Locke House
19960 Elliott Road
Lockeford, California, 95237, United States
(209) 727-5715

Restoring a National and California Landmark

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The rehabilitation, restoration and renovation of the historic house started November 1, 1992 and is on-going. We follow the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior to assure that every aspect of our work is in keeping with the concepts of historic preservation. The property was designated a California landmark and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. At that time the house had been painted white because Theresa Locke Thorp, youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Locke, had always wanted to live in a white house.

Finding specialized and willing craftsmen was challenging. However, once someone signed on to the project, they stayed. Their enthusiasm is reflected in the comment our chief interior painter said as he got out of his truck, "Are you the people who are trying to save this house? I'm here to help!" And help they did, recommending and enlisting others to sign on to the Locke House project. Some even came out of retirement. Some retired after finishing their part of the project. They were great problems solvers who had a lot of patience and great senses of humor. We are forever grateful to them.

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The house was tackled in stages: replacing and repointing brick; replacing broken windows; installing plumbingand electricity; replastering and soundproofing walls; moving door openings to create private bathrooms; finally tiling, floor refinishing, and painting both exterior and interior. Furniture was restored and repaired. At long last, we were able to decorate the rooms, using original wall paper patterns and color schemes as guides. These same stages were followed to renovate the water tower, farm office, and Chinese cook's kitchen and laundry to create the Water Tower Suite and inn Baking Kitchen.

Guests will find a more detailed account of the restoration in the binders in their rooms.